Aqua Turbo Jet (stationary)

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In some applications, it is advantageous to mount the water aerator stationary on a pool wall instead of using a floating unit.
For this purpose, we can supply the stationary Turbo-Jet. Motor part, materials and mode of operation are identical to the floating Turbo-Jet version.
The robust stainless steel holder of Turbo-Jet stationary consists of two parts. First, the equipment rack is firmly screwed to the wall.
Then the pivoting unit can be hooked in from the edge of the pool. Emptying the basin is no longer necessary for this.
The complete aeration unit can be tilted 5 times in the angle of inclination and 6 times to each side. All settings can be adjusted in seconds without any tools.
This way you will achieve the desired and optimal flow in your pool.
The stationary Turbo-Jet should be mounted so that the propeller works about 50cm below the surface, which makes the device achieve the greatest effectiveness
and the best oxygen input (at greater immersion depth, the air intake performance decreases).
The stationary Turbo-Jet is also suitable for use in aeration tanks of small or compact wastewater treatment plants. Here, the conical protective screen around the propeller is not required.

  • Stationary water circulator with air swirl for better flow
  • almost noiseless
  • works under the water surface
  • available in power ratings from 0.55 – 1.1 kW
  • fine bubble aeration
  • completely ready for operation at delivery


Leistung Auswahl

0,55 kw, 0,75 kw, 1,1 kW


230V, 400V


20m (Standard), 40m (Additional Charge), 55m (Additional Charge)

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