Landing nets

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Please select the length of the traction net
from 5 m minimum purchase upwards in the box under the mesh size.

Price shown is per linear metre!
Delivery time approx. 3-4 weeks

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Available in different sizes and mesh sizes!

Worked particularly deep in the middle and tapering towards both ends to obtain the necessary curvature when pulling fish. This prevents the fish from being squeezed and injured during mass catching. The pond nets are made of extremely tear-resistant polyamide, as preferred in pond farming and fish farms everywhere. The nets are set ready to catch with floats and lead weights.

Please choose the “height in the middle” so that it is approx. 50 % higher than the water level.
In this way you will achieve sufficient arching in which the fish gather.
The nets are only manufactured after receipt of order, therefore the delivery time is approx. 3-4 weeks.

Minimum order quantity is 5 linear metres! Prices apply per linear metre.
This item is excluded from return because it is a custom-made product!

Höhe Mitte / Höhe Enden

1,5m / 1m, 1m / 0,75m, 2m / 1,25m, 3m / 1,5m, 4m / 2m


Masche 04 mm, Masche 06 mm, Masche 10 mm, Masche 15 mm, Masche 20 mm

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