Deep aeration pump

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This pump is the solution for oxygenation of deeper waters and lakes.
It pumps the water from the deeper zones, enriches it with oxygen and mixes it with the water on the surface.
This pump also provides mixing of colder deep water with warmer surface water.

In many waters, dead and oxygen-depleted zones exist in the lower depth ranges.
There is not enough movement and thus the water is not sufficiently mixed.
The deeper zones are not ventilated and thus not degassed. This leads to problems over time:
The water begins to rot and “tip over”.
The remedy is the deep aeration pump.
The pump part of the device is suspended beneath a float up to 5 m below the water surface.

For water pumping you need only a standard sewer pipe DN 150.
This pipe is available in various lengths and can be cut to the desired dimension or
the existing water depth can be cut.
The tube is simply pushed onto the pump part and fastened (fastening cramps are provided on the
on the pump itself)
at the top of the float.
For safety, the pump section is additionally equipped with a
Stainless steel wire rope (included) attached to the float.
The water discharge at the surface can be either done with a bow as a kind of waterfall (variant one-sided water discharge) or
directly with a water distribution cone as a
mushroom-shaped discharge around the float (variant float with distribution cone).

The unit is supplied complete with 20 m cable, float and motor protection switch.
The DN 150 sewer pipe is not included in the delivery!
The 0.75 kW and 1.1 kW versions are only available with 400V connection.

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230V, 400V

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0,55 kw, 0,75 kw, 1,1 kW

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Einseitiger Wasserauswurf, Schwimmer mit Verteilerkegel

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