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The solar island is specially designed for 24-hour operation of small pumps or water aerators.
All components – such as solar module, electronics and batteries – are installed in the solar island in a plastic protective housing and completely connected.
You only need to set up the solar island and align it to the midday sun.
The monocrystalline solar module made of German
The mounting angle is 20 degrees per default.
The maintenance-free AGM batteries are located under the module inside the solar island.
On the
back side the charge controller (MPPT) and fuses are mounted in a robust housing -.
also the socket for plugging in the consumer
(water aerator, pump or similar).
The charging status is indicated by three LEDs. Via Bluetooth and a free app, it is possible to read

all the data from the solar panel, the batteries and the consumers. On summer days, a constant consumption of 50 watts per hour around
the clock (so also at night!) possible. Thus, the use of the solar island can save electricity costs of about 100 € per year!
If the solar island is put together
with our new Vario Wheel water aerator, you can increase the performance of Vario Wheel
throttle on low-sun or overcast days, so
that 24-hour operation of the water aerator can be ensured.
The solar island is delivered fully assembled ready for immediate use.
For protection against storms or theft, the island can be attached to two stainless steel lugs.
Two ground anchors are included.

  • Voltage 24 V DC
  • Solar panel 310 watt
  • Load max. 250 Watt
  • Charge regulator MPPT with Bluetooth
  • Batteries 2 pieces AGM each 12 V-32 A
  • Dimensions 167 x 110 x 44 cm
  • Weight 60 kg
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