Solar island 10 Watt

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The new LINN solar island was specially developed for the operation of feed dispensers Profi-Automatic 12V. This means that even without electricity, timed, automatic feeding can take place according to your needs, increasing the growth and well-being of the fish – even when you are not on site at the pond.

The size of the solar panel and battery has been matched so that two feeders can be operated safely even on days with little sunshine.

All components are weatherproof embedded in a sturdy stainless steel housing. The solar module only needs to be aligned to the midday sun and then reliably charges the built-in battery.

The intelligent charge controller guarantees high efficiency and a long battery life. LED on the back of the solar island inform about the charging status and this is also where the connectors for the food dispensers are located.

The solar island is completely assembled and can be used immediately.

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