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Remove sludge without an excavator with the plus of microorganisms

  • Doubly effective due to highly active microorganisms
  • Significantly and sustainably reduces organic sludge deposits
  • Against rotting and harmful gas formation
  • Binds phosphorus and thus significantly prevents algae bloom
  • Ideal for production ponds
  • EU-Patent: 1 080 042


Schlixx plus is even more effective in sludge removal due to the addition of highly active microorganisms. These begin to break down organic sludge, dead algae, plant remains, foliage and fish toxins immediately after introduction. Occurring rotting processes that can have a negative influence on the fish meat are prevented with Schlixx plus, which has a positive effect on the fish meat quality. With Schlixx plus you can free your water from sludge and sediments extremely effectively and sustainably. The reclamation of production area enables an increase in yield.

Schlixx OR Schlixx plus?

From a mud layer of approx. 80 cm we recommend Schlixx plus. The highly active microorganisms provide an additional biological component to support the active oxidising function of Schlixx to break down the sludge layer. Some of the microorganisms are still active after six weeks, when the mineral combination of Schlixx has dissolved, thus achieving sustainable sludge decomposition.


Schlixx plus consists of two components.
Dosage for 1m³ (1,000 litres) of water: 45 g of “Component A” and 5 g of “Component B”.
Mix both components well and sprinkle into the water.

Please bear in mind that we work with microorganisms in Schlixx plus, so the water temperature must be at least 8°C. In waters with frequent oxygen deficiency, the first thing to do is to ensure a sufficient oxygen supply!

H315: Causes skin irritation.
H319: Causes severe eye irritation.


Safety Data Sheet Schlixx:

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