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Remove sludge without excavator


Mud forms in every pond over time, e.g. from leaves, dead microorganisms, food remains and fish excrement. These can lead to putrefaction processes and the water starts to become cloudy and smell unpleasant. These decay processes always lead to a limitation of dissolved oxygen in the water.
With long-term sedimentation, siltation naturally occurs due to riparian plants. The first plants that can directly use the upper mud layer as a settlement area are reeds, rushes and bulrushes. With their strong root systems, they hold the mud together and allow further accumulation of sediment. Thus, as a fish farmer, you lose the production area.
With SchlixX you free your production pond from sludge and sediments. This saves you the labor and expense of excavating the pond. With SchlixX, you also have the strongest phosphate binder in the world at your fingertips. By binding the main algae nutrient phosphate, SchlixX prevents algae and thus enables a long-term and permanent reduction of algae in the water.


Over a period of six weeks SchlixX® remains effective at the bottom of the water body and usually up to 80% of the organic deposits are removed during this time.
– Significantly reduces organic sludge deposits
– Against rotting and harmful gas formation
– Binds phosphate
– Regaining of production space
– Ideal for production ponds
Due to our patented mineral combination, the sediment layer is actively oxidized and thus degraded. Heavy metals and other substances hazardous to fish, as well as phosphate, the nutritional basis for algae, are bound. The result is a visible reduction of the mud layer and effective prevention of algae blooms. Foul odors are immediately neutralized.


50 g SchlixX per 1m³ (1,000 liters) of water.
In case of particularly heavy sludge deposits, we recommend doubling the dose.

  • Significantly reduces organic sludge buildup
  • Binds phosphorus and thus prevents algae blooms
  • Against rotting and harmful gas formation
  • Ideal for production ponds
  • Improves the quality of meat
  • EU-Patent: 1 080 042

H315: Causes skin irritation.
H319: Causes severe eye irritation.


Safety Data Sheet Schlixx:

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