Slaughter aid Salmofix manually operated

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The slaughter aid manual was developed for use with small quantities of fish.
This slaughtering aid does not require electricity or compressed air and can therefore be used very flexibly – e.g. at fish markets, in sales carts, etc.
Thanks to the practical screw mounting, the slaughtering aid can be mounted quickly and easily.
The belly side of the fish is slit open with the Salmofix blade. Then the mouthpiece of the stainless steel tube is pressed from the anus, along the kidney to the gills. The guts are now in the stainless steel tube. A specialized knife is then pressed by hand against the gullet , cuts it and the guts fall through the tube by gravity.

The manually operated Salmofix slaughter aid is approx. 50 cm long, 30 cm incl. the holder 15 cm wide and deep.
The stainless steel tube through which the guts slip has an inner diameter of 38 mm.

If a power connection is available, an inexpensive wet vacuum cleaner can be connected to the end of the stainless steel pipe to speed up the evisceration process.

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