Smoker F2 70/60 XL

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Delivery time approx. 6 – 8 weeks

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Available with wood firing, electric heating or gas heating.

The F2 70/60 XL smoker has a maximum capacity of 80 fish.
The fish can be hung in 4 layers or 4 flat grates can be inserted.
The wood heater is housed in a non-fixed drawer and is fired with hardwood or charcoal.
A switch to gas heating is possible at any time and without problems by purchasing a gas heating system.
The “Electric heating” version has a fully electronic control system including a thermostat and integrated cold and hot smoke generator.
The housing is constructed of double stainless steel sheets and insulated with rock wool.
The F2 70/60 XL is 860mm wide, 600mm deep and 1500mm high. The flue pipe connection has a diameter of 130 mm.
The delivery time for the F2 70/60 XL ovens is approx. 4 weeks.


Electric heating, Gas heating, Holzfeuerung

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