Smoker F6

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Delivery time approx. 6 – 8 weeks

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Available with wood firing, electric heating or gas heating.

The F6 and F 6/100 smokers are the largest units we can offer.
The F6 has a max. capacity of 360 fish and is a very economical device.
The device helps the fish farmer and processor to save money and time, as large quantities of fish can be smoked in a short time.
The F6 can be optionally equipped with a smoking trolley. The smoker is made of high-quality stainless steel in jacket construction and insulated with rock wool.
The F6 is 1030 mm wide, 800 mm deep and 2000 mm high. The smoke pipe connection is 130 mm.
The F6 can be optionally equipped with a recirculation fan and an external smoke generator.
The delivery time for the F6 ovens is approx. 4 weeks.


Electric heating, Gas heating, Holzfeuerung

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