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We have been cooperating with Messer, one of the leading suppliers of gases, since 2018. For aquaculture we offer oxygen in gaseous and liquid state.

Together with the specialists from Messer, we create the optimum solutions for you to increase production with oxygen input.

Messer offers the Farmox® process for the safe supply of pure oxygen to fish tanks.

Farmox®: Economical fish farming with oxygen

Messer’s Farmox® process ensures a safe supply of dissolved oxygen to fish tanks and makes intensive farming more reliable and economical.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Enables higher stocking densities and increased productivity
  • Compensates for oxygen fluctuations due to increased water temperature and decreased water availability in summer.
  • Creates controlled growth conditions
  • Improves the quality of the fish meat
  • Allows lower feed ratios
  • More feed can be dispensed

Delivery forms/Analgae technology
The required pure finishing material is made available in different delivery forms depending on the consumption profile:

In smaller quantities, oxygen is stored in pressurized gas cylinders or as a compact gas cylinder bundle.

For larger consumption quantities, an oxygen tank (available in different sizes) is installed on site, where the gas is stored in liquid form.

The oxygen is delivered in gas bundles, pallet tank or by tank truck for fixed oxygen tanks.

With the aid of evaporators, which do not require any additional energy, the liquid oxygen is converted into gaseous form and can thus be fed to the feed systems in precisely metered quantities using a pressure reducer and flow meter.

Please contact us and together with the Messer sales consultants we will prepare an offer tailored to your needs.

The price depends on the annual purchase quantity, the quantity per transport, the distance from the delivery depot and whether the oxygen is in gaseous or liquid form.

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