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Proficare B100 is a liquid disinfectant for aquaculture. Perfect for a wide range of disinfection applications and equipment water sanitisation.

Proficare B100 has a broad spectrum of application. Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, algae and fungi are killed at the recommended use concentrations. The effect is non-selective within the microorganism classes and largely independent of the application temperature of the working solution. The non-corrosive solution can be brought into contact with the most sensitive materials. The product and its application solutions should not be mixed with anionic cleaning agents. Composition Quaternary ammonium compound in aqueous solution. Storage Store in a dry place and protect from direct sunlight.

Before application:

Disinfection of all types of surfaces

Disinfectants in circulation systems, pipes, basins, etc.

For germ reduction in the equipment water for industrial aquaculture facilities.


Dosage for disinfection of surfaces and equipment: 50 – 200 ml / 10 l disinfectant solution.

Exposure time: > 30 minutes

Dosage for germ reduction in the finishing water:

from 0.0005 % (0.005 litres per 1000 l water)

Increased microbial load (myxobacteria, mycoses etc.):

50 – 100 ml / 1.000 lt water, exposure time 1 – 2 hours

In recirculation systems: 20 – 40 ml / 1,000 lt water.

Note: Use biocides safely!

Always observe the enclosed safety data sheet and the exact product information before use!

Be sure to check for compatibility – trial bath!


Safety data sheet Proficare B100

Recommended Use Proficare B100

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