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Optionally with capacity for 120kg or 200kg feed.

The use of increasingly high-quality feeds in fish farming requires better feeding technology. Optimal growth of the fish and optimal feed conversion is only possible with exact feed dosing, loss-free feeding and several feeding intervals per day. All of these points can hardly be implemented with “hand feeding”, moreover, automatic feeding brings a considerable saving in working time and labour! Hence the new professional fodder spreader!

With the help of this device it is possible to scatter feed out onto the pond without any loss. The feed is fed into the air stream of a powerful blower and spread onto the pond up to 8 m away with the help of this air stream. The forage spreader ensures maintenance-free and trouble-free operation and (in contrast to centrifugal discs) ensures virtually abrasion-free ejection of the forage.

The feed spreader is suitable for feed from 2 – 7 mm. The dosing finger at the outlet of the feed container, which was specially developed for this application, ensures a constant feed quantity and prevents the feed from slipping. clogging is almost impossible. There is a dosage with scale at the feed ejector. Here, even when the silo is full, the feed pellet size can be adjusted quickly and easily. All feeders are supplied complete with a stainless steel frame and, as a compact unit, can also be easily relocated once on your pond system. The control of the professional feed spreader is done with the newly developed feed timer which is mounted directly on the hopper. All feed spreaders operate with 230 V mains voltage, require only one common power connection for fan and control and are therefore ready for immediate use! The settings are easy to make. Two buttons are used to enter the desired feeding times and the feeding minutes per day. You also enter the feeding impulses (how often you want to feed per day) and the feeding timer divides the feeding minutes evenly throughout the day.

The professional feed spreader 120 kg is square with a side length of 70 cm and a total height of 85 cm.

The professional feed spreader 200 kg is square with a side length of 74 cm and a total height of 115 cm.

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