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Biocidal product for hygiene and algae control in fish farming and pond management.

  • Not subject to the restriction of the regulation for maximum residue limits
  • Active ingredient is degradable without leaving residues. Also suitable for organic farms.
  • No waiting time until slaughter
  • EU-Patent: 0 968 136

The special pH stabilizing composition optimizes the active time and efficiency of the active ingredient. At the same time, the oxygen content of the water is increased.

Areas of application

Peridox is a powder biocide product and is designed to reduce the mass development and proliferation of parasites and algae in production ponds. Parasites are harmful organisms because they can spread en masse. They weaken fish so that the stock is acutely damaged. As a result, secondary diseases such as bacteriosis, etc. also occur, leading to further failures. With Peridox you have a legal, effective and proven product with which you can protect your stock.

Application for parasites (e.g. Ichthyo)

Stable groundwater levels prevent various parasites, such as Costia, Trichodina and Chilodonella, but also
many secondary diseases such as acid and alkali disease in the production water.
Peridox thus counteracts, for example, gill necrosis and slime build-up on the skin and gills.

Effect and benefits:
With Peridox you have a very easy to use agent, which does not immediately endanger the stock with a small overdose and is a great time saver due to the once a day application.
As soon as Peridox encounters the parasites or their swarming stages, an oxidation process is triggered. This process destroys the cell structure of the parasites. The parasites die off. At the recommended dose, the 33- to 48-hour viable hawkmoth, depending on pond temperature, is killed in as little as three hours. However, because adult parasites continue to bring swarmers into the water, three to four applications of Peridox are necessary. The oxygen released by oxidation is dissolved directly in the water, thus increasing the oxygen content in the water.

Dosage for parasite infestation:

  • by e.g. Ichthyophthirius (white spot disease): KH value below 5°dH (SBV 1.8) 35 to 45 g/m³;
    KH value 5°dH to 15°dH (SBV 1.8 to 5.4) 45 to 60 g/m³;
    KH value above 15°dH (SBV 5.4) 60 to 80 g/m³,
  • in case of Gyrodactylus infestation in rainbow trout: Increase dosage by 10 g/m³

Placement: Spreading over a wide area into the production water.

Application for filamentous algae

Filamentous algae is a major problem in pond management as fish become entangled in it, making it difficult to fish the pond.

Effect and benefits:
Peridox acts on direct contact with filamentous algae. The filamentous algae are destroyed in their cell structure and dissolve completely within 24 hours. Already after a few minutes you can observe how the algae loosen and float to the water surface. Here our recommendation is to fish them off, in order to avoid a renewed release of the nutrients, from which filamentous algae can form again.

Dosage for filamentous algae:
Local application 35 to 45 g/m² Production waters
Incorporation: Sprinkling on the local filamentous algae nests.
To prevent constant mass development of filamentous algae, only a consistent reduction of the nutrient supply will help. For this purpose, we recommend the use of our product SchlixX one day after the application of Peridox.

Application with oxygen deficiency

Oxygen can become a deficiency especially during the summer months when temperatures are high, there is too much pond sludge or stocking is too high and can lead to tremendous failures. Peridox is used to treat acute oxygen deficiency and regulates the available oxygen in the water, thus preventing gill necrosis, for example.

Effect and benefits:
In case of acute oxygen deficiency, Peridox should be sprinkled directly into the production pools.
The contained active oxygen increases the dissolved oxygen immediately after the reaction with the water.

Dosage in case of oxygen deficiency
10 g/m³ Production water supply approx. 1.5 mg/liter
Placement: Spreading over a wide area into the production water.
IMPORTANT: Never use more than 100 g/m³.

H302: Harmful if swallowed.
H318: Causes severe eye damage.

Use biocidal products with care. Always read the label and product information before use.


Safety Data Sheet Peridox:

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