OptiLake 25kg

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For the improvement of water quality

– Stabilizes the main water parameters

– Supports the biological self-purification of the water

Due to the growth of algae or plants, the growing fish population, the filling of the pond, as well as the influence of leaves or other foreign objects, the water values change frequently and become unstable. Permanently high pH values above 8.5 and strong fluctuations in pH mean stress for plants and animals. OptiLake improves water quality and enables ecological balance. OptiLake provides essential calcium and carbon dioxide, quickly creating an ideal environment for all fish, plants and pond inhabitants. This buffer ensures a stable pH between 7.5 and 8.3 in the pond, while preventing major fluctuations in pH. Optimal carbon dioxide concentration combined with ideal levels of hydrogen carbonate and calcium are essential for all living organisms in the pond. OptiLake also supports the growth and reproduction of algae-eating microorganisms (e.g. water flea and rotifers), so that the biological self-purification of the pond starts immediately! Optimal conditions for microorganisms that break down toxins are created in the pond and filters. An additional positive side effect arises from the fact that OptiLake also slows down the corrosion of pipelines and pumps.


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