Mud Drainage Pump ProMax MudDrain 25.000-30.000

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We offer entry-level models, as well as pumps for construction sites and commercial use.
These sewage pumps have a high stability even on soft and muddy ground.
They are extremely robust and ergonomically designed. Optimal heat dissipation from motor due to water cooling.
The flow rate reaches up to 30,000 l/h and a height up to 12 m.
Depending on the model, dirt particles reaching from 25 to 40 mm in diameter can be absorbed.
The discharge nozzle is tangentially positioned to the water flow, which guarantees optimum particle transport.
Including a
handy fixation device for the floater’s cable. Automatic switching on and off of the pump by the floater’s switch.

Technical specifications:

Type 25.000 30.000
Flow rate Q max. 25.000 l/h 30.000 l/h
Flow rate in height H max. 10 m 12 m
Max. Pressure 1 bar 1,2 bar
Power Consumption 1.200 W 1.500 W
Max. Diving Depth 7 m 7 m
Max. Grain Size 40 mm 40 mm
Connection Port G 2 G 2
Dimensions (L x W x H) 17,8 x 24,6 x 45,3 17,8 x 24,6 x 45,3
Weight 13,60 kg 14,10 kg


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