Micro oxygen diffuser

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Available in various lengths.

Completely ready-to-connect oxygen diffusers with 6.3 mm connection and weighting!

Microbubbles have a surface area per litre of air or oxygen that is up to 10 times larger than small bubbles.
Therefore, there is much more surface area available for gas exchange and the microbubbles rise more slowly
and so there is also more time for oxygenation. The oxygen demand decreases and the effectiveness increases.
In tests, micro-bubbles are up to 2.5 times more effective than small bubbles with a size of approx. 5 mm.

One litre of air yields 15,290,520 microbubbles (surface area approx. 12 m²) with a Ø of 0.5 mm,
but only 15,277 bubbles (surface area approx. 1.2 m²) with a diameter of 5 mm.

With 120,000 micropores per linear metre, this oxygen diffuser guarantees an extremely fine distribution of oxygen and the greatest possible efficiency.
Ultra-fine outflow oxygen hose which allows a bubble size of 0.08 – 0.4 mm (micro bubbles).
As a result, a considerable part of the oxygen goes into solution with the water.

To achieve this performance, it is necessary to place the hose in water (if possible from 20 °C) for 24 hours before use.
Please do not close the Ø 6 mm connection so that the water can also flow into the hose.
Only then does the oxygen outlet hose bring the desired micro-bubbles.

Areas of application: Fish transport, oxygen input in cages and rearing tanks.

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100cm, 150cm, 200cm, 50cm

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