Micro Starting Feed MEM Prime 200 – 300 µm

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Available as 5kg bucket or 20kg sack

MEM Prime is a brood food for fish where nutrition and water stress play an important role. MEM Prime is manufactured from the highest quality raw materials using cold extrusion. During this extrusion, the feed is heated to max. 40 ° C and thus the raw materials used are treated very gently.

The micropellets are not cut but formed in a special sieve and have an almost spherical structure – see picture below – which guarantees very good water stability and low water pollution. MEM Prime also consists of premium fish meal, pea protein concentrate, fish oil, soya lecithin and fish gelatine. MEM Prime has a protein content of 60 %, fat content of 15 % and a moisture content of 8 %.


20kg Sack, 5kg Bucket

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