Air piston pump

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Available in various versions from 47 watts to 215 watts.

These economical air piston pumps with 230 V power connection are particularly suitable for aerating breeding tanks, holding tanks, small ponds, biotopes, rainwater tanks, sewage treatment plants and filters. The units are designed for continuous operation and consume very little power.

The air output varies depending on the injection depth

The indicated flow rate is a maximum value.

LA45 LA60 LA120 LA200
ideal pressure capacity 1,1 m 1,5 m 1,8 m 1,1 m
50 lt/min 78 lt/min 128 lt/min 200 lt/min
Absorption in watts 47 64 130 215
Weight in kg 3 5 9,5 12,3
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LA120, LA200, LA45, LA60

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