Lerasept® Forte in a 10 kg can

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Lerasept® Forte is a liquid, stabilized disinfectant based on peracetic acid.
thanks to its bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal properties
Lerasept® Forte is versatile, foam-free and effective against all groups of microorganisms even in cold areas.

Lerasept® Forte is effective due to its strong oxidation potential. In addition to the damage and destruction of the cell membrane and
cell organelles
important enzyme systems that are vital for the microorganisms are inactivated.
These non-specific oxidation reactions prevent resistance phenomena.
Lerasept® Forte can be easily rinsed out and washed away.
After the reaction, peracetic acid decomposes into the ecologically harmless decomposition products oxygen, water and vinegar.

Lerasept® Forte is also permitted for use in organic farms.


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