Automatic feed dispenser with blower type 1

682,80766,80 inkl. MwSt

Approx. Delivery Time 2-4 weeks

Feed rate: 100g feed per minute

This feeder works like the Profi – Automatic, but is additionally equipped with a blower (230 V/500W), which ensures that the feed is scattered on the pool or pond, up to 5 m away. In this way, they achieve a good distribution of feed. The feeding times and lengths are set by means of the feeding timer included in the scope of delivery, as with the Profi automatic. This feeder is suitable for brood feed from 0.3 mm to 7 mm pellets. The automatic feeder is delivered complete with 10 m cable and feed timer. With the help of this digital clock, the desired feedings can now be set to the second! The feeding timer also offers the convenient option of taking the growth of the fish into account and automatically increasing the feeding time on the following days.


10kg, 20kg, 40kg

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