Fish transport container AF 2000L

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Delivery time approx. 8-12 weeks

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The fish transport container AF is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic which is manually
manufactured using the lay-on method and is available in the sizes 640 lt, 800 lt, 1,000 lt and 2,000 lt.

The tanks are delivered complete with lid, fish drain 32 x 29 cm, a 2″Connector for water change, carrying handle and fastening device supplied.
All metal parts are made of stainless steel.

Dimensions (in cm):

length 210 cm (max. length 227 cm) x width 105 cm x height 98 cm (max. height 115 cm), weight 160 kg

ATTENTION! Since this item can only be delivered by freight forwarding, additional transport costs apply here.

Weight 0,000 kg
Schleusenschieber Auswahl

incl. Sluice gate (extra charge), Without Sluice gate

Sauerstoffausströmer Auswahl

with oxygen diffuser (extra charge), without oxygen diffuser (standard)

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