Stainless steel UV disinfection system

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A series of professional stainless steel UVC filters for hatcheries, holding tanks, ponds, swimming pool, whirlpool, etc.. Standard 316 stainless steel construction and equipped with 360° rotating couplings for extremely easy installation. Furthermore, these rotating couplings can also be removed, allowing the stainless steel housing to be dismantled for cleaning the quartz tube, for example. A very exclusive feature that no other lamp has. All specially designed HO (High Output) for Delta. Lamps bring a disinfection value of 30,000 microwatts (25,000 at end of life) when the recommended flow rate is maintained. This is the recommended standard for drinking water quality in some countries.

The lifespan of the lamp is 13000 hours (about 1 ½ years). The EA-3H series stands for 3 inch (Ø76 mm) high output and the EA-4H series stands for 4 inch (Ø100 mm) high output.

Technical specifications:

ST 3H-15:

Watt: 55
Flow Rate in m³/Std: 5,2
Length x Ø in cm: 70×7,62

ST 4H-15:

Watt: 55
Flow Rate in m³/Std: 7,6
Length x Ø in cm: 70×10,16

ST 4H-20:

Watt: 90
Flow Rate in m³/Std: 9,5
Length x Ø in cm: 99×10,16

ST 4H-40:

Watt: 110
Flow Rate in m³/Std: 10,7
Length x Ø in cm: 117×10,16


3H-15, 4H-15, 4H-20, 4H-40

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