Portable measuring device HQ2100

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Portable meter for pH/ORP/conductivity/oxygen with 1 electrode input slot
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Successful calibration has never been easier.
Most measurement problems
are due to incorrect calibration procedures.
With the illustrated step by step
for calibration and troubleshooting on the display,
professionals in the field
of area of water quality assurance may work successfully.
Complete your daily tasks with just a few clicks.
Regardless of where you work, the Hach® HQ Series portable meter makes surethat
your data is transferred securely via USB or optionally via Bluetooth*.
Use the additional data validation once you have connected your field meter to the
Claros Data Management-Software.
With the HQ series, Intellical standard laboratory sensors and outdoor sensors are
are available for
measuring various parameters.
The offer includes, among others, entirely solved
Solids (TDS), dissolved oxygen (LDO),
biochemical oxygen demand (BOD),
Temperature, conductivity and pH value.
Intellical probes are automatically
detected by the HQ meters.
You can save calibration and method settings
in order to minimize error sources and setup times.
You have a
proven technology that can be used even for challenging samples or
in difficult
environments offering accuracy and short response times.

(Price only for the meter, without extension and probe)
Several extensions available, for more information and prices please see our online catalog on page 121!

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