Vario Wheel® solar aerator

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The completely newly developed Vario Wheelbass floating water aerator is based on the principle of a conventional paddle wheel aerator.
However, the drive and structural design have been completely revised. Due to the specially shaped stainless steel paddle wheel, Vario Wheel swirls the
water, creates a fine distribution and thus guarantees the greatest possible oxygen input.
Due to its directed flow, it prevents short-circuit flow and exchanges the water in the entire effective area.
An absolute novelty is the direct drive, which does not require any additional transmission (such as toothed belt or gearbox).
The extremely economical brushless DC motor (BLDC) operates at 24 V, so direct operation on a solar island or using batteries is possible.
However, a mains adapter for 230 V is also available – Vario Wheel can then also be connected to any 230 V socket without any problems.
Due to the variable direct drive and the shape of the paddle wheel, the overall efficiency of the water aerator has been doubled compared to conventional
paddle wheel aerators. Vario Wheel is designed for smaller ponds with water areas up to 150m2.
But even larger carp ponds or natural ponds up to 1000 m2 can be easily aerated with the new device on critical days.
In contrast to diffusers or water aerators with sieve, Vario Wheel is absolutely clog-free.
The unit is delivered completely assembled and ready for operation (incl. revolution control).

Only non-rusting materials such as plastic and stainless steel are used for the Vario Wheel.

  • Nominal motor power 50 watts
  • Receiving power 55 watts
  • Voltage 24 V DC
  • Revolutions 0 – 280 1/min
  • Ejection distance max. 80 cm
  • Ejection height max. 40 cm
  • Flow velocity 0.3 m/sec (at the device)
  • Minimum depth of water 20 cm
  • Effective zone 30 m
  • Dimensions 49 x 49 x 28 cm
  • Weight 10 kg (incl. cable)
Weight 0,000 kg

230V, 24V


20m (Standard), 40m (Additional Charge), 55m (Additional Charge)

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