HI98198 – Handheld device for optical oxygen measurement

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The HI98198 is a durable, waterproof and portable meter for the optical determination of dissolved oxygen. The main field of application is the measurement of oxygen concentration in water.

Opdo stands for optical dissolved oxygen and measures dissolved oxygen demand in a range from 0.00 to 50 mg/L and 0.0 to 500.0% saturation, barometric pressure from 420 to 850 mmHg, and temperature in a range from -5.0 to 50.0°C.

All instruments of the professional HI9819x series are characterized by extreme robustness in combination with simple operation and the measurement quality of high-quality laboratory instruments. They provide precise and reliable measurements directly on site and in the field.

The measurement principle is based on fluorescence quenching. The basis of this measurement is the detection of the fluorescence decrease of a special excited luminophore after excitation by a pulsed blue LED light beam of defined wavelength.

The luminophore is installed here in the sensor cap on a transparent carrier surface. The time decay behavior after excitation is measured with respect to a reference LED. This is directly related to the oxygen concentration at the carrier surface.

With the HI764113 optical Dissolved Oxygen (DO) probe, measurement in fresh and salt water is super easy and has clear advantages over the classic, potentiometric measurement method with Clark sensors.

Device properties

  • Waterproof: Ergonomic, durable and waterproof (IP67) design that withstands harsh environments.
  • Quick Connect-Sonde: Die mitgelieferte optische Sauerstoffsonde HI764113 verfügt über den Quick Connect-DIN-Anschluss, der schnell und unkompliziert eine wasserdichte Verbindung zum Gerät herstellt. The probe’s built-in temperature sensor allows automatic temperature compensation of measured values.
  • GLP data: The GLP data stored with the measured values can be checked at any time. They include the date and time of calibration, as well as pressure, salinity and temperature values.
  • Graphic LCD: The high-contrast graphic LC display is easy to read both outdoors in bright sunshine and, thanks to its backlight, in low light. The device is intuitive to use thanks to a combination of context-dependent virtual and fixed keys. Several languages are selectable. In addition, the meter has an intuitive keypad and context-sensitive support function.
  • Data logging: The on-demand data logging function allows up to 4000 measurements to be stored. Later, the values may be transferred to a connected PC.
  • Sturdy carrying case: The HI98198 is supplied in a sturdy plastic carrying case. It accommodates the device and accessories with a perfect fit.
  • Long battery life: The HI98198 can run for up to 200 hours on a set of 4 AA batteries. The battery charge level on the display provides information about the remaining service life.

Electrode properties

  • Long service life without recalibration
  • No oxygen consumption and no water flow dependency
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Measurement relatively insensitive to sample matrix
  • No membrane, no electrolyte

Scope of delivery: HI98198 is shipped with the optical oxygen probe HI764113 incl. weighted protective cap, HI7040 oxygen zero solution (made of 2 components á 230ML + 30mL), 100mL plastic cup (2), 1.8m USB type-C cable, 1.5V AA batteries (4), instruction manual and quality certificate delivered in a sturdy carrying case.

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