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AF – Vertical incubator 5 to 10 inserts

Vertical incubators have proven their worth for hatching and also to a limited extent for feeding salmonid eggs.
The cabinets save space and water. The incubator is 58 cm wide x 64 cm deep. The height varies depending on the incubator.
The individual inserts can be pulled out without affecting the water supply to the lower inserts.
We offer the incubator with 5, 8 and 10 inserts. An insert is 520 mm wide, 615 mm deep and 85 mm high.
The grid area available for the egg rest is 365 x 445 mm and the height to be used is 55 mm.
Approximately 10,000 – 12,000 salmonid eggs can be incubated per insertion.
The water requirement is 3.5 – 7 lt/min for egg incubation.
The hatched yolk sac brood needs double to triple the amount of water.

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