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Aquasub is a hydro-ejector that combines aeration with moving water masses.
They are used in freshwater lakes or ponds and supply oxygen, which is vital for fish.
Simply designed and robustly built, this device can be used in all conditions.
Aquasub is used for aeration and destratification of lakes and ponds as well as for desaturation of gas supersaturated water.
A special vacuum turbine with a speed of 3000 rpm is mounted at the end of the engine shaft.
The air flowing in through the guide tube is sucked into the center of the propeller by the Venturi effect.
The air mixed with water diffuses in the form of microbubbles in the resulting water flow and is directed to the bottom.
The amount of oxygen transferred is maximized because the microbubbles remain in the moving water volume for a very long time.
The AQUASUB technology: a guarantee of perfect work and high efficiency (transfer of O2: 0.35 kg per kW).
AQUASUB aerators were developed over twenty years ago and are compact floating units.
The special operational method of this aerator allows to combine aeration and mixing.
The movement of the water mass maximizes contact with the air in the atmosphere. Simultaneously, air is blown into the water.

The aerator is supplied in 400V with open cable end!

Technical specifications:
Power in Watt 2200
Voltage in Volt 400
Power (m3/h) 750
Oxygen Production (kg O²/h) 2,6
Area of Effect (m) 100
Weight in kg 35

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