Aqua Tauchpilz with fountain ejection

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Floating surface aerator with robust stainless steel submersible motor for more oxygen and movement in the water. Aqua Tauchpilz is suitable for use during winter and therefore ideally suited to keep parts of the water free of ice. The Aqua submersible mushroom ejects the water in a circular pattern, which ensures optimum water circulation combined with a corresponding oxygen input. The suction zone in this device is up to a max. 3 m which means that enrichment of the oxygen-poor deep water is also given. The Aqua submersible mushroom is delivered completely ready for operation with 20 m cable, motor protection plug and stainless steel mesh basket. All components are stainless.

750W: water ejection 240,000 lt/h with a deep suction zone of 2.5 m.

1100W: water ejection 300,000 lt/h with a deep suction zone of 3 m.

ATTENTION: Deliverable only via freighting. Additional freight charges apply!
The variant with 1.1kW requires a 400V power supply!

Leistung Auswahl

1100W, 750W


20m (Standard), 40m (Additional Charge), 55m (Additional Charge)

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