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The powerful water ejection of Minimax guarantees optimal oxygenation. The ripple effect diffracts incoming solar radiation, minimizing algae growth in your pond or pool.

Our completely newly developed water aerator replaces the previous model Aqua-Mini. The wet rotor motor was replaced by an energy-saving dry rotor and the propeller geometry was completely revised. Minimax thus achieves greater water circulation than Aqua-Mini with even less energy input. The power of the unit can also be regulated via the supplied speed controller, and the water ejection can be optimally adjusted to the size of the pool and the desired circulation rate.

The motor is located above the water surface in a robust engine housing. Motor housing and the sieve basket of the device are made of stainless steel. The standard version of the Minimax is shipped with a 6mm sieve basket. For smaller fish or hatchery fish, a narrower screen with 2mm perforation is of course also available.

The large-area sieve keeps unwanted particals away from the propeller, ensuring trouble-free operation of the water aerator. The sieve can be removed quickly and without any tools.

Minimax is shipped ready for use with a 10m cable and a RPM plug. We recommend Minimax for pools or small ponds up to max. 50m² size.

Technical Specifications

Engine power 40 watt

Absorption power 60 watts

Voltage 230 V

RPM 2750 1/min

Throwing circle max. 1,1 m

Ejection height max. 0,25 m

Minimum water depth 0.21 m

Suction zone/depth up to 0.9 m

Diameter of area of effect 7 m

Flow rate 23 m³/hour

Dimensions 38 x 38 x 39 cm

Weight 6kg

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