Aqua Control One with galvanic Dryden probe

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Available as 230V or 400V system

The compact monitoring system for stationary oxygen measurement and control.
Price complete with housing, electrode and cable with plug!

The Aqua Control One is designed to constantly measure the oxygen content of the water in a pond or flowing channel

and, if necessary, to connect an alarm switchgear and control a water aerator.

The oxygen content of the water is determined by an oxygen probe – type Dryden.

This is equipped with 7 m of cable and a plug-in connection and can thus be quickly connected to the control unit.

The probe is briefly calibrated in the air and then suspended in the water. The oxygen content is then displayed immediately.

The probe must be cleaned weekly with a damp cloth to remove any coating such as algae.

The core of the new system is a control unit, which is housed in a splash-proof casing that is easy to install.

All settings can be entered using 3 keys on the display.

An upper and lower alarm value as well as an upper and lower switching point can be set.


230V, 400V

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